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  • No up front cost.
  • Just in time shipping.
  • Multiple product cross selling.
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  • No minimums
    or pre-order requirements.

Find A Few Good Shirts

After sign up, find apparel relevant to your social network. There are hundreds of designs and many genres to choose from. Or upload your own design!

Show It Off

Post your find on your different social network platforms. Using the url and your affiliate ID we track all the sales you generate through your traffic.

Get Paid $$$

Get paid up to 40% of any sales generated as a result of traffic you sent us! Rake in money for every qualifying sale originating from your site or social media account.

Features SunFrog Shirts Advantage The other T Shirt Guys
Highest average payouts for affiliate programs. Yes we do! Not so much...
Create a customized campaign for raising funds. Yes we do! Sure.
Create a collection of designs relavent to your audience with a customizable banner. Yes we do! Not so much...
Create your own designs. Yes we do! Sure.
Artist page with ALL your designs. Yes we do! Not so much...
Get paid to promote ANYONE'S design. Yes we do! Not so much...
Get paid everytime ANYONE sells your design. Yes we do! Not so much...
Get paid everytime YOU sell your design. Yes we do! Sure.
Order processing and production. Yes we do! Sure.
High quality screen printing. NO transfers....ever. Yes we do! Not so much...
Shipping and customer service. Yes we do! Sure.
Shirts are produced and shipped with 48 to 72 hours of sale. Yes we do! Not so much...
Your earnings are kept confidential. Yes we do! Not so much...

Sunfrog Shirts is 100% free
and the best way to sell high-quality t-shirts.

With SunFrog there are no minimums or pre-order goals. You get paid every time you make a sale.

No more worry or embarrassment for not hitting your pre-order goal. We fulfill every single sale within a few days from the time of the order. No long frusterating waiting periods. Your campaign customers are served their high quality shirts, quickly.

Get 40% more sales when your customers purchase multiple t-shirts.

Let’s face it, not everybody is going to love the shirt you show them. However when they browse through our other shirt designs and find one they do like, you get paid for the sale! You can convert 40% more of your traffic into sales.

Increase your sales by 20% through cross sales and multiple products.

20% of customers will purchase multiple shirts when given the option. Sunfrog Shirts full blown shopping experience and wide variety of available shirts guarantees they have that option!

Earn PASSIVE residual sales through your designs.

By exposing your shirt designs to over 20 million potential buyers, your designs can be bought by any shopper at any time, or picked up in another campaign. Sunfrog Shirts pays you as a designer every time your design sells, regardless of who pushes it or campaigns with it.

We cater to Dysfunctional Artists.

So you aren’t an artist, and you don’t want to be. That’s totally fine. You don’t have to be. You can use our ’Collections’ system to gather the shirts you choose to your collection page and campaign with it! You can even build multiple collections to cover your multiple campaigns!

Free preliminary legal screening.

To better protect you from copyright and trademark issues a member of our legal department will review your shirt designs absolutely free. If there is an issue, you will be notified right away


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